Escort is thought for superb engineering and leading performance in radar detection. The 8500×50 isn’t any exception. It is a splendid detector for it is’ fee, and could serve the desires of any common person.

Off the shelf, the 8500×50’s layout is quite appealing in look. It’s sleek and small design permits it to be installed nearly anywhere on the windshield of the car. The small profile of the detector additionally allows minimum visibility blockage of the road in advance, which is a big plus for drivers who need complete visibility of the street, in addition to protection from radar.

The 8500 comes in LED show colorations- purple and blue. The blue display is slightly extra highly-priced than the pink show, however aside from aesthetics, the blue display gives no overall performance advantages over the purple model show.

The 8500×50 gives extraordinary variety as compared to other detectors in its price range. In positive cases, the 8500×50 will offer over miles of early warning from radar resources.

The 8500×50 is also a superb detector for filtering out fake alarms. The detector has 3 settings-“City”, “Highway”, and “Auto”. The vehicle mode seems to be the high-quality balance among sensitivity and selectivity of filtering out false alarms and alerting to an real danger.

Even although this is a incredible detector, there visit are a few down sides to it. In some areas of the United States, officials use a speed detection tactic known as “Quick Trigger”. This is when an officer holds down the trigger of the radar gun for a fragment of a 2d, and in most cases, obtaining a pace analyzing. The 8500×50 will now not come across these extraordinarily quick bursts of radar. Luckily, this method of radar use isn’t normally used, and a user of the 8500×50 will hardly ever stumble upon these type of speed dimension tactics.

A cousin to Quick Trigger is every other speed measurement tactic referred to as “POP”. POP is another short burst of radar, however slightly longer than brief cause. The 8500×50 is ready to come across POP and is extraordinarily sensitive towards POP radar. Some brief trigger usages may even alert at the 8500×50, so saying brief cause is the 8500×50’s weak point might not be absolutely actual.

Another downside to the unit is LIDAR detection. If the person is riding in extremely mild visitors, inside the the front of the percent, the 8500×50 will now not be a terrific countermeasure in opposition to laser. The beam of the laser is actually too small and compact to hit upon, except the detector is set up extraordinarily low. As with all detectors, a low mount will growth laser detection abilities, however it’s going to decrease the range of radar detection.

However, the 8500 x50 radar detector is awesome at detecting “laser scatter”. This is whilst laser bounces off of other motors in the front of the 8500×50 consumer, and the detector will alert to LASER. This is a very beneficial alert to know when to sluggish down in an effort to avoid a ticket. However, the 8500×50 makes a first-rate partner to a laser jammer, for whole protection.

Overall, the 8500 is a notable detector with reasonable pricing, top detection variety, and really person friendly. If you are looking for higher situational awareness when using, it is a outstanding choice.

Roy Reyer is a licensed police radar trainer and retired police officer is a nationally diagnosed professional in the field of speed counter measurement devices presenting opinions of numerous radar detectors, jammers and anti photo radar device. Check out Roy’s different Radar Detector Reviews right here.

Review of the Escort 8500 Radar Detector