Fix my crack is the trusted mobile phone repair service for all mainstream smartphone devices. Believes that smartphone manufacturers should make it easier for consumers to repair mobile phones and offer greater access to competitively priced independent repair options. This would prevent high costs from prematurely ending the lifespan of mobile phones. Based on the selection of smartphones we’ve featured above, the average repair cost for a broken screen is around £170. If your device is covered by warranty, you’ll either end up paying far less or nothing at all. From the results above, you’ll notice that official repair costs for smashed displays usually work out cheaper compared to third-party alternatives.

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Consumers being provided with warranties reflective of the typical expected lifetime of the device, which our research has found could be on average five to six years. Check your softwarePoor battery life could be improved by downloading the latest software update to your smartphone. Before you make an appointment online, Huawei advises phone owners to back up and save personal data, then perform a factory reset. It’s important you remember to remove your Sim card, SD card and any protective case. Pick-up repair means a courier will pick up your device and take it away to be fixed.

A cracked rear housing / case can be a pain and cause additional problems such as water damage very easily. Get your rear housing replacement with Phone Repair for the perfect fix. Your country or region may have consumer protection laws for some repair issues. Be prepared to waitIf you’re using a mail-in repair service, ask the company how long you’ll be without your phone.

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